Notion Cryptofolio

A template to track all your crypto investments in Notion. With this template, you'll have access to all this features ↓

💼 Build your own personal Crypto Portfolio
📊 Real-Time CoinMarketCap price update automation
✅ Track and register every Buy / Sell operation on all coins you own
📄 General history from all your operations data
📈 Custom widgets with real-time data
🧮 Real-time conversor
🌙 Dark Mode
➕ Bonus Notion extension

⚠️ You'll need a Make account for the Real-time price update with CoinMarketCap.
It works with an automation which instructions are detailed step by step with videos inside a document included after the purchase.

📞 If you need help installing and making the automation work, you can buy the 4th option on the right panel which includes a guided 30-45min call with me to set everything up and you start putting the data inside your Cryptofolio

Can I have a refund?

No. this product does not offer refunds.

Any questions? DM Twitter @rinconelloinc

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